Continuing our Apple Distinguished journey

This week, Mr Potter (Director of Digital Strategy) guest writes on the Headmistress blog about BGS being awarded a third successive Apple Distinguished Award.

BGS has continued to drive innovation and creativity by being awarded the Apple Distinguished Schools status for the third time, joining a small handful of schools worldwide who are three-time recipients.   

The Apple Distinguished Schools programme has been designed to highlight and recognise outstanding technology use in schools across the world with the vision that these schools collaborate and spread good practice to other schools. The programme is very exclusive and only schools that show innovation in classroom practice, leadership and a positive impact with technology are invited to apply. For BGS, this provides a unique and extensive network of like-minded schools where we can regularly share ideas as we look to our next stage of our strategic developments. 

Innovation and technology at BGS is so embedded in the learning and teaching that students and teachers no longer look at using the iPad or Google Apps as anything different to picking up a pen or pencil. They are using the skills of collaboration and creativity enhanced by the technology without a second thought; whilst the use of technology is enabling students to extend their learning skills in ways which would not be possible without it.

Our teachers and students are always willing to engage in something new. They are willing to pick new technology up and try things out with the express intent of using it to improve their educational experience. This was so evident during the periods of lockdown; not only were the teachers able to meet with students face-to-face through the google suite but they had the knowledge and tools to make those interactions really engaging and innovative to keep students enthused in their learning and building new skills.  

It was rewarding that this was recognised by Apple in their feedback to the school:

“A school at the forefront of embedding technology skills discreetly but continually throughout the girls’ education. They are forward thinking and ambitious to embrace the skills required for future careers in technology.’

This supported the findings of the schools ISI report  in 2020 which also noted: “Pupils’ competence in using ICT to support their learning is outstanding.” 

As we look to the next stage of the strategic plan, we are in a strong position to keep moving forward to ensure that our students are fully prepared to participate in a digital world with confidence. 

To understand more on the Apple Distinguished Schools Program here.

BGS ADS award 1

BGS ADS award 2

BGS ADS award 3

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