Commemorating VE Day 75

Today marks VE Day, commemorating 75 years since the end of World War II. The day had been planned to be a huge coming together as a nation to celebrate the sacrifices of the generations who fought to protect our freedoms, who took the monumental steps towards building the global community we are part of today. Today’s celebrations may not include the pomp, ceremony and fun that we had hoped for, but that does not mean that we are not able to celebrate and give thanks for the scarifies of our grandparents and great-grandparents, and to those of the wider BGS alumnae community.

This current challenging time has given me time to reflect and consider in some ways of what it must have been like living through the immensity of years of war. We can draw some parallels, and we can start to imagine just how incredibly hard it must have been and consider how fortunate we are. Whilst we all are currently adjusting and living in different more challenging ways, we have the power of communication to keep us connected, plentiful delivery services to keep us well fed and a vast array of entertainment tools to occupy the long evenings; we have the power of modern medicine, an incredible global scientific community working together for solutions and vast supply chains aiding recovery programmes. It was the sacrifices of the generations before us that led to the creation of the world that we now enjoy and although we are in an exceptional time of crisis, I believe we must take time to be truly thankful and genuinely reflect on their sacrifices.

I also believe that we have the opportunity to learn from them and now adopt a bit of their spirit, both during lockdown and the challenging times ahead that will come, as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted. We will need to dig deep, find extra energy to readjust, accept compromise with grace when we realise that life will not return to our expected normality and do all we can to help put the country back on its feet as quickly, and carefully, as we can. As a school community, this will require each of us to continue to commit and engage to the tasks in hand, to try to give your best even when you are distracted and feel disconnected, and to remember that by taking this responsibility seriously  we are collectively helping create a better world, not only for now, but for further generations to come.

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