Message from our Staff

Like all of you, I am missing the site of Cardington Road in full bloom and full with the buzz of the students and staff in the corridors, but I am hoping that you are all well and safe. We must count each day spent at home, as a day sooner to being together again.

I am receiving such inspiring feedback from teachers, and students, from the first week back to learning. I am in awe of the levels of self-motivation and the incredible number of different strategies that you are using to fully engage in your lessons. I know this takes huge effort and self-discipline and I just want to remind you not to be too hard on yourselves.

We are bombarded through Twitter, Instagram posts and podcasts with a plethora of top tips from home hair styles to perfect meal prep, exercise routines and how to handle remote learning. Most of the advice is very well intended, some is very helpful, but it can also make us feel a little out of control, and that we are underachieving. We are not getting super fit, taking on a huge new project or reorganising our bedrooms. I want to just ask you to stop and breathe.

Now is not a time to be hard on yourselves, now is a time to focus on the small successes and to celebrate the little achievements at different points in your day. Don’t worry if a glitch in technology means you miss a bit of lesson or you can’t complete all of the Maths questions. We are still here to help you with that. But please do celebrate the fact you finally understood the chemistry equation that has eluded you for so long, or that you made dinner for your family and walked the dog in beautiful sunshine. Just celebrate that you are coping with each day and recognise that some will be easier than others. At each step of the way, you are learning new skills and most importantly learning about yourself. When this is over we will build a new normality together and all that we have learnt on this journey will help shift and shape our community. Just embrace where you are today, I am so very proud of you all and look forward to keeping in touch with you as the next few weeks unfold.

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