A message to our students

By Miss MacKenzie (Headmistress) and Mrs Howe (Head of Junior School)

We want to say how proud we are of you all. We know that these are uncertain and anxious times and that we are asking all of you to step far out of your comfort zones.

You have reacted to these challenge with extraordinary calmness, maturity and a sense of responsibility. We could not be more impressed.

Your teachers have been working behind the scenes for weeks to prepare for this situation; we hoped that we would not have to implement these programmes, but we all knew it is better to be well prepared. As of Monday, your teaching will look different, but it will be engaging and challenging. You are expected to follow your set timetables, but be reassured that your teachers will still be with you every step of the way to support you.

You all have the technical skills to handle the remote learning tools and the flexibility and creativity to work in different ways. You will be building knowledge and skills, and by the end will feel a huge sense of pride in what you have achieved, but there will be hiccups and moments that you will struggle. You will need to be determined and resilient.

By staying at home and being a responsible independent learner, you are helping to limit the spread of COVID-19; you are playing a critical role in helping the Government’s effort and it is important that you take that responsibility seriously and follow all the guidelines.

We will continue to open school only for students whose parents are key workers in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. We need to support these students too, they will be having a different experience to many of you at home and as a community we must support each other.

We want to reassure you that we and all of your teachers are here to help you. You might not see us in person but we are here, and you can contact us if you need to. The world is going to seem very strange for a little while but when we are in uncertain times, we can all support each other and reach out to support those in our wider communities who will need help and kindness.

We know you can rise to these challenges, we know that you will take your responsibilities seriously.

Good luck, stay safe and we look forward to hearing how you are all getting on.

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