Running for good health

This weekend I am running the Hitchin Hard Marathon, raising funds for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) charity based in Bedford. CAHMS is a local mental health charity that is linked to the GLG charitable focus on respecting your mental health and wellbeing.

I have, on many busy evenings, questioned why I am taking this on! But it was one of those staff room conversations where a teacher relays a discussion she had had with her Sixth Form about the importance of keeping fit during the examination break. I agreed with her wholeheartedly. Running is a great stress de-buster. The release of endorphins is well documented, as is the value of getting outside, breathing in oxygen and energising the brain. This member of staff was extolling the virtues to her Biology class of exercise and a plan was hatched. Before I knew it, I had volunteered to run 13.1 miles with the Sixth Formers along with three other colleagues.

I always believe that as a Head you are a role model. If I was asking the girls to get out of their study to keep fit then I should as well. It has not been easy. It is over ten years since I ran my last marathon. The muscles have atrophied, the heart beats a lot faster, the legs move a lot slower but the discipline of following a training schedule and ticking off the miles is invigorating. As the day gets closer, the imagined injuries become more real, I may have to walk part of it but I am looking forward to be running as a community, raising money for an important cause and in the process focusing on respecting my own well-being.

Your donations will certainly help motivate us going over those last few miles, donate here.


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