Christmas Pride

Last week I went to the Year 3 Christmas production. It told the story of how we celebrate Christmas through time, from the Romans through to the Victorians, to modern day England. It was humorous, entertaining and informative. But what always strikes me with our Year 3 productions is the maturity in which our 7 year olds approach this event. Many share the lead roles. Many have long speeches to remember. Many play different roles, wearing different costumes and remembering their cues.

But all of them engage with the production with gusto and sheer glee as they sing merrily the songs whilst reflecting still seriously on the message of Christmas. I have to remind myself that they are only seven, yet the manner in which they hold the stage with grace and joy is not dissimilar to professional actors.

It also serves to remind me if we ask much, the girls always deliver and do so with pride. They have come a long way since they joined our community in September. They have formed new friendships, enjoyed the challenges, responded positively to their learning and maintained their energy right to the very end of a long term. It is with pride that I, their teachers and their parents watched this magical event. As parents mouthed the words, their daughters had learned so carefully and others wiped a tear from their eye, we were all captivated by the Year 3s and impressed by the distance the girls had travelled.

As the end of a very busy term draws near the Year 3 production always stands out as a testament that schools are wonderful places of learning, celebration and joy. A Merry Christmas to you all!

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