Take your Grandparents to School Day

On Wednesday, we ran our first “Take your Grandparents to School Day”. Grandparents can play a significant role in the lives of our girls; helping out with child care, acting as a taxi service, advising on homework questions, being part of an audience in the theatre, cheering on from the side of the hockey pitch, and for many, generously helping out with the school fees. For many parents, working hard and juggling family life, the additional support of grandparents is vital for the success of the family unit. So for us it was a pleasure to invite our grandparents into school to see their granddaughters in action and listen to what we are trying to achieve in their granddaughter’s education.

For many of our grandparents, they had not been “back to school” or into classroom lessons since they left in the 50s and 60s. Many were also alumnae who had not been back to their old School for many years. Whilst the set up and demands of the traditional examination systems has changed little, the teaching and classroom experience has significantly moved forward. At BGS, our teachers are no longer the sage on the stage; technology has released them from being the fonts of all knowledge. Their role is not to fill empty vessels but to ignite fires in the pupils’ learning, which can now be done in a multitude of exciting ways. Technology has liberated the teachers and has enabled them to be far more innovative in their delivery and imaginative with their use of space in and outside of the classroom.

Our grandparents loved it; they appreciated what we were doing and why. The teachers loved it, explaining to our community of grandparents what they were studying in lessons, but most of all the girls loved welcoming their grandparents in to School. For me, it was touching seeing the girls look out for their grandparents at break-time and the pride they had in showing them their “place of work”. The atmosphere in the school was joyful; it reminded me of the vital importance a community plays in the education of each and every child.

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