Collaboration and Connectivity

It was a pleasure last week to welcome head teachers, teachers and administrators from Denmark, Finland, Greenland and Poland to see the exciting work we are doing with iPads at BGS.

Their visit was a result of our status as an Apple Distinguished School; Apple invite educators from European countries to see how we are using iPads, to help them develop this technology in their own schools.

The benefits are mutual, but perhaps I did not realise the magnitude the benefits brought to BGS. Watching our 11 year olds explaining to adults how they learned, what they gained from the technology and eagerly showing them how to use it was humbling. The teachers asked them searching questions and they responded to the challenge confidently.

As our visitors walked round the School, dropping into classrooms, it was evident that their presence was creating a frisson of excitement, with girls hoping that they would visit them. They wanted to share, to collaborate and ask questions of our visitors and our visitors wanted to do the same in return.

Education is about opening doors, widening horizons and learning from others. Our status as an Apple Distinguished School certainly has done that; we now feel more connected to many schools across Europe where we hope that future collaboration can take place, not just with technology but with other educational programmes as well. Exciting times!

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