See The Bigger Picture

There are moments in a Head’s life that stand out, moments when you feel an overwhelming sense of pride of your Girls’ Leadership Team (GLG). These are the girls who we have put our trust in to lead the student community.  They set the tone, the values and the standards to which other pupils aspire.

This year is no exception as I listened to the new GLG, in assembly, talk about their “See The Bigger Picture” campaign. To them, their campaign is about taking a step back, reflect, being less focused on themselves and engage more in the world around them. Each one of the speakers revealed personal truths about their teenage years, how they were self-absorbed and worried about how they looked or came across to others. They encouraged the girls in the audience not to think about how others see you but to be proud of who you are and what you can do.

They referred to the Dove campaign for Real Beauty ( which asks you to choose the door you think best reflects yourself – the door labelled average or the door labelled beautiful. Too many women see being beautiful as an external expression of how you look, and choose the average door. The GLG were urging the girls to see beauty as something within and to walk through the beautiful door. If you see your own inner beauty and let your own light shine, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Playing small, worrying what others see, does not serve the world. Instead, embrace who you are, be proud and see the bigger picture.

Powerful messages that the School community talked about for the rest of the day. The GLG shone their light and in doing so liberated others. No wonder I felt proud.

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