Three Things That Matter

Last Friday (29th April) we held our biennial Performing Arts Awards Evening where we celebrated the success of our many performers.

Our guest speaker was Kay Michael, an alumna of Bedford Girls’ School. After obtaining a first in English and Theatre Studies at Warwick University, Kay has gone on to perform and direct a wealth of award winning plays around the country, most recently as Assistant Director at the Globe Theatre.

Kay spoke eloquently and put her success down to three things; hard work, being on time and being kind to people.  Hard work, I think, goes without saying. I have, in many of my blogs, extolled the virtues of hard work and the importance of developing a work ethic in our students of today. The other two factors were perhaps more surprising but on reflection I understood why Kay spoke about them.

Punctuality is an under-rated attribute. To me being on time is good manners. It’s about being respectful of others, not wasting their time as they wait round for you. It shows you are organised, thoughtful and lead a balanced life. People are often late because they try to fit too much into one day. As a Head it is something I am acutely aware of and, with each year, I’m trying to model a balanced life and not over-estimate what I can achieve successfully in one day.

And her last attribute – kindness. It costs nothing to be kind and yet its worth to people’s self- esteem is immeasurable. Girls at BGS work hard to create a culture of kindness. It is important to them. Every day we see random acts of kindness across the community, the girls know that one day they may be the beneficiary of that kindness. People matter, being kind to people is the cornerstone of a civilised society.

Three simple things that reminded the girls that talent alone is not enough. Three things that I think are relevant for all walks of life; they are not reserved for just the Performing Arts.


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