Why I love Mondays

Bob Geldof wrote the song I don’t like Mondays but this week at the GSA Heads Conference we were encouraged to love Mondays; our aim should not be to get through the week but to enjoy the week, every moment of the week and not put off our well-being and happiness until the weekend. By living the moment, loving the moment, and inspiring others to do so, we lift the well-being of people around us.

Andy Cope, author of The Art of Being Brilliant, stressed to the audience of head teachers the importance of positive psychology. He reminded us that happiness was not real. It is in our heads and we are therefore only a moment, a thought, away from happiness. We need to focus on getting to that moment, being positive rather than be pulled down by the negative. By being happy and seeking out people who are happy creates a positive learning environment, full of joy. It is contagious.

Our lives have become so condensed, so full of lists of things to do, that we have become overwhelmed and exhausted. Instead of focusing on what we still need to do, we should concentrate on how we are being and being our best self everyday.  Sometimes it is easier to complain, to criticise or to be negative to fit in. But we can also consciously and deliberately choose to be positive and watch the ripple effect this has on the surrounding people. Being positive is a learnt behaviour and this behaviour can influence others.

This resonated so much with me. Sometimes I do wonder who we are being when we are so busy doing. The conference reminded me and all other GSA Heads of our role in an increasingly frenetic world to live in the positive moment, and not put off happiness until the weekend.

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