Last weekend was the annual reunion of DAHSA (former pupils of Dame Alice Harpur School).

We had over 120 alumnae, of different generations, who spent Saturday afternoon catching up with friends, former teachers, revisiting old haunts and comparing the facilities of today to when they were at school.

The previous weekend I was at Heathrow Airport greeting girls from Presbyterian Ladies’ College Perth, my former school (I’m pictured below in my PLC uniform with my siblings), who were taking part in BGS’ Australian exchange.


These two events brought together both my past and the school’s past, and made me think much about the school’s future.

Schools shape you. My school always gave me a sense that I could go out and achieve whatever I wanted. There were no barriers, other than ones I might choose to place on myself. They made me believe I was as good as everybody else. I had no gender stereotyping nor was I pigeon holed into doing something I did not want to do. The school made me feel proud of what I could do or what I could go onto do.

I was very conscious that the PLC girls I met at Heathrow Airport still embraced this ethos. They were confident, self-assured and ready to make their mark on the world.

Equally, the alumnae of BGS had this same attitude. They had grown into strong minded women who were rightly pleased with their achievements. They had formed a legacy on which the girls of today can build upon.

I watched the Lower Sixth show our alumnae around the school and was gratified that their education had not pigeon holed them either. They believed they were going to make a difference to the world in which they were moving and were quietly proud of their past.

BGS is shaping girls for the future and I am in no doubt that in 20 years’ time, when I come back as a former Head, the girls of today will have made a difference to the world of tomorrow. Exciting times!

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