Facing Fear

Every year the school runs a trip to Edale in the Peak District. It is a fantastic trip and every year I go.

It is essentially a team building activity where girls work together on activities such as caving, rock climbing, abseiling, weazling and night walks to name just a few. The activities can take the girls out of their comfort zone, asking them to confront their fears of heights, closed spaces or darkness. What is special is the support and encouragement the others give, and the pride they feel in each other as a team when they successfully tackle the challenge.

This year I accompanied a particular group of girls whose positive attitude and sense of can do, added with the wonderful tonic of laughter, was infectious. Their mantra as we walked through the pouring rain to the rock face was “slip, slide, get up, move on.” Personally I find rock climbing impossible. The safety apparatus is not an attractive look for a Head and the thought of hanging off a rock face unable to move is not one you would necessarily wish to share. However, the positivity and joy of this group saw me embracing the look and the climbing. My sense of relief when I got to the top was enormous and my sense of pride when the girls applauded my efforts was overwhelming.

School trips are a vital part of a school’s curriculum. They teach you life skills you cannot get in the classroom. I am delighted this trip is on our school calendar, it transforms the girls and they return to school as an integrated unit. School trips are often what your memories of your school days are made up of and I know this trip is one I will remember for a long time.

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