Getting Ready for the Future

The Friday before half term is always a poignant one for the Upper Sixth.

For many it is their last day of school lessons and a realisation that a stage of their life is over. I always hope that by their last day the girls have outgrown the school and are ready for their life ahead, if they are not we have not done our job properly. School is about educating girls for the future and by 18 they should be excited and ready for the challenges ahead.

For our IB students, last Friday (22nd May) marked the end of their school life. Their examinations are over and they now have time to reflect and relax before their next adventure of university or the work place begins.

The occasion is celebrated with a formal dinner, this year held at Bedford School. For me it is a moment of great pride. The IB Diploma is transformational. It engages, challenges and most importantly encourages the girls to think. At the dinner I saw mature, considerate and thoughtful individuals. They have a sense of what is right and wrong, but more importantly they feel confident to express their views with sensitivity and thought.

IB is about educating pupils to make a better world. I was in no doubt at the dinner that the cohort in front of me were going on to achieve just that. I was reminded of a quote “There is fleeting gratification if a school ranks highly in graphs and pie charts, but be wary: the best measure is not where you stand when your students are 18: it is where you stand when they are 80.”

I believe the girls thrive with our education and I believe the world is indeed fortunate to have our students.

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