The Right to Vote

It has been a momentous night in British politics.

Who would have thought from the apathy shown towards the election campaign, we would see a result that in years to come may transform the British landscape. Politics does matter and being able to vote is still the most powerful right an individual can have.

It is something that all schools embrace. It is not because there is a demand from the inspectors to do so, but rather as educators we understand that it is essential that our pupils participate in the political process if democracy is to thrive.

Girls at BGS certainly recognise the importance of their voice which perhaps explains why at our school mock election we had an 85% turnout at the polls, with our Year 8s showing the strongest turnout at 91%. Led by our Sixth Formers who used assemblies first to explain the different manifestos of the parties, and then to canvass pupils and engage them with their right to vote on polling day.

In the evening our A Level Politics pupils spent the night watching the new political landscape unfold. It will be a night they will remember in years to come as they watch seat after seat tumble of renowned politicians. The quality of discussion as the night lengthened was extraordinary and I know that when they come to vote they will take the process seriously, and consider the impact their actions will have.

I do believe the quality of the electorate determines the quality of government. It is therefore an essential part of schools to educate our pupils to be active in the political landscape, and to remember that their vote can make a difference.

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