Friday Before a Feast

I thought by the end of the week I would become less hungry, instead I found myself queuing up early for our final lunch, lentil soup with a cheese scone. Delicious! Yet again the girls have impressed me with their culinary and organisation skills. To cook for 28 people a nourishing meal in less than 30 mins is no mean feat.

Yet each time the team of girls have managed this with minimal support by their supervising teacher, in this case Mrs Brice.  This lunchtime we were delighted to welcome Jim Stewart, editor of the Times and Citizen who paid his 30p and joined us for lunch. He chatted happily with the girls as their shared their experiences. The girls missed most fresh fruit and vegetables, they were simply too expensive to buy on their limited budget, and were looking forward to Saturday morning where they could have a large breakfast. I have to say as my stomach rumbled through the prize giving at Broughton Manor that I attended as guest speaker I too was looking wistfully to a pain au chocolat on Saturday morning

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