A time for collective celebration


This term has passed by at an extraordinary speed; we are already into the last week of Christmas celebrations. The festivities have begun well with the Year 3 production of Babushka. A different take on the nativity story! It was delightful. The girls acted their parts with professional ease, responding effectively to each other’s characters, singing confidently and acting with such aplomb that I had to be reminded that they were only 7 or 8 years of age.

This excellence was quickly followed by the Year 7 – 9 production of Titanic. It was a devised piece of theatre which meant the girls researched the characters they played and told the story in their own words. Whilst the story is well known, the girls depicted it with sensitivity and maturity capturing the spirit of the early 1900s and ending the story beautifully with the delicate dancing of the Ice Maiden on the lost lives in the sea. Clever theatre, that was appreciated by all.

To follow this week we have the Christmas Concert, Junior and Senior Carol Services, Christmas lunch, Form parties and the Senior School pantomime – a creative and festive end to what has been a very full but thoroughly enjoyable term.

This time of year offers a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a school and share a collective sense of celebration. This is vital to fostering our sense of community as we express our shared values and remember our true sense of purpose. The week’s activities present a condensed and intensified version of all that fills our daily school lives. It helps us to reflect upon the highlights of the term with pride, wonder at all we have crammed in and for some of us brings a certain sense of relief that the holiday is almost upon us!

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