The Spirit of Bedford Girls’ School


A school is very much shaped by its values.  It gives the school its character. We thought long and hard about our values. What captures the spirit of BGS girls and reflects our culture? We chose three words, that are multi-layered and we try to live by them every day. We try to be bold, imaginative and reflective.

Last Friday, our annual Glee Festival, was an embodiment of our values. During the week girls have been taking part in the heats, practising their dancing, their singing and polishing up their different performances. Eight final acts were selected. And what struck me first was the bravery and courage – their boldness – the girls showed in performing.  Standing in front of an audience of over 500 people exposes you. You have to trust your audience and yet win them over with your performance.  And the girls did just that, each one creative and imaginative in their own right.

The judges and audience were then left to reflect on what act would win and perhaps some individuals in the audience emboldened by what they saw reflected that perhaps next year they will give it a go and celebrate their talents with the rest of the school.

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