Making a difference

One of our school objectives is to build a connected community and it is one that I hold dear. To me, a school which creates a sense of belonging and involvement, a school that fosters mutual respect and courtesy is a school that thrives. We want to encourage our girls to be outward looking, to care for others, to give back to the community and help make a difference to people’s lives as we hope the school will make to theirs.

I was therefore delighted to see this in evidence this week. Firstly with our Girls’ Leadership Group who led and ran the Sixth Form Information Evening. The girls were out in force speaking to girls in Year 11 about the Sixth Form, guiding them with their subject choices and speaking positively about all they had achieved in the Sixth Form. The Girls’ Leadership Group are very proud of raising the voice of pupils in the school beyond the insular concerns of a lack of drink fountains and wanting to wear coloured scarves, to creating an environment where simple acts of kindness to one another are encouraged and acts of bullying are actively frowned upon. The girls have been campaigning hard, leading whole school assemblies and initiating a one day ‘High-Five’ event where all members of the school community are encouraged to greet each other in a friendly way. It sounds an odd initiative but it worked very effectively, raising awareness of how we should always be with one another.

The second event where our girls made a difference to people’s lives was a party that the Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils held for adults and children who are visually impaired. On Saturday over 50 people joined us to attend a tea party with musical entertainment. The girls spent much time talking to our guests about their experience and the difficulty they had in living in a world they could not see. The guests were impressed by the girls’ maturity, generosity and kind spirit. It was a lovely occasion enjoyed as much by the guests as it was by the girls.

It made me reflect that it is the small acts of kindness that make a significant difference to people’s lives and it is our job as educators to ensure that all our pupils understand and demonstrate this principle on a daily basis.

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