Time for reflection

It is always a strange feeling returning to school after a half term break. During half term it is as if you exist in a different world. You live in a quieter environment, you work at a different pace, but when you return it is as if that time frame had not occurred and you are back to the full force of school life.

I have certainly felt it this week as the girls returned to school with such energy and enthusiasm. In five days our girls have won an international literary award, come first in the mock trials in the Bedfordshire Magistrate Court, watched the American presidential election live, slept over in the London Science Museum, spent a day on an Art and Technology project, won the regional final of the cross county running competition, visited Coventry Cathedral and Warwick Castle and engaged with successful business women on a pizza design competition. A breath taking week, but with the distance a break provides, I come to realise how normal that has become.

As Bedford Girls’ School continues to flourish it is almost impossible to capture all that takes place in a weekly edit, to mention all the different successes without fear of leaving someone or some event out. My staff briefings are filled with thanks to staff for all that they organise, sharing with them the successes of the girls. Daily, staff enter my office with a new visit they would like to run, a new venture they would like to organise or a competition they would like the girls to enter. It feels vibrant, exciting and alive. It is this energy you miss over half term but the break allows the girls and staff to restore their batteries and return fully charged and for us all to gain perspective on how much is achieved.

No wonder schools, especially BGS, are exhilarating places to work in.

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