The value of education

I am conscious that like us, in the Autumn Term schools and universities across the country open their doors to prospective students, encouraging people to visit and see the fantastic features they have to offer and what makes them special.

At our Open Morning on Saturday I was reminded by our Head Girl, who is currently applying for universities, that we are all promoting similar educational values. We all want to provide the best for our students, we want them to engage with their learning and we want them to enjoy the experience. No educational institution should promise anything different. But the experience enjoyed will be dependent on the individual and what she is looking for.

Our Head Girl, Lucy Charatan, articulated four aspects that she wanted from a university which were the same criteria she applied to choosing schools. She wanted it to be strong academically, to provide co-curricular opportunities, the students to have a voice and for the institution to have a sense of community. Her ultimate question was whether she would be happy there?

Lucy is proud to be part of BGS. In her Open Morning speech, she felt that there was no one mould for a student at BGS but opportunities existed for anyone and everyone. It was important that her voice was valued and she and her team are leading the campaign “Culture of Kindness”, as part of Anti-bullying Week in November, with a “High Five” day. She feels strongly that there is a sense of belonging in the school and she and her peers want to contribute something to the school and to the wider society.

I am proud that Lucy and her peers want to make a difference and reminded that as educators what we have in common – the collective promotion of the value of education and how it leads to better opportunities – is greater than the features that uniquely define us.

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